Travel Photos

 The beginning of my summer abroad 
 When in London, find a phone booth

   Desert from Bill’s in London


 The London Eye at night | London, United Kingdom

 Saint Paul’s Cathedral  | London, United Kingdom

Westminster Abbey || London, United Kingdom
 Love the Royal Jewels! | London, United Kingdom

 My London Painting | London, United Kingdom

 2012 London Olympic Park Competition Pool | London, United Kingdom

  Love Lock Bridge | Paris, France

  Versailles Palace | Paris, France

  Old Port | Marseille, France

  Old Port | Marseille, France

  Toulouse | France

  Carcassonne Castle | Toulouse, France
 Pyrenees Mountains | Gavarnie, France  
The largest waterfall in Europe  | Gavarnie, France

 The Basillica | Lourdes, France

  Aveyron, France

  Roquefort curing bleu cheese caves | Aveyron, France  


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