First Day of School

It’s the first day of school here at El Purpan Univeristy in Toulouse, France for everyone here in the summer program. The walk from our apartments was about a ten minute walk from the class building which we had to be at, at 9:00 am this morning. It was refreshing to not have to be in class at 7:30 am like I was used to at Purdue University. We started the day going through the itinerary for the program, recieving our lunch cards and dinner stipins, and getting a tour of the class building where all of my classes would be. Then at noon we were off to our lunch; the cafeteria area was back on the other side of our apartments, about a 15 minute walk from the campus buildings. Here in France the lunches last about 2 hours with a wide variety of fresh, tasty food on the menu. This gave us plenty of time to eat, socialize, and go back to the apartments before we had to be back at the building to go through an info. session on the library and technology. For the end of the school day we had a summer study abroad afternoon coffee break to get to know everyone in the program better.

 Darcy and I first night out 
Now to rewind a bit, last night I arrived in Toulouse and was taken to the apartment buildings where we would be staying. I am in a flat with 8 rooms total, a kitchen, and a patio. There is another girl from Purdue, Darcie, who I have become friends with these past two days. We also have roommates who are from Mexico, Lebanon, and Missouri  which definitely adds some variety to our apartment. So far I have become close with some girls from Purdue, and the students from Kansas which was the group that I went out with last night to experience the town. The summer in Toulouse is shaping up to be a very fun, excitment filled time full of learning and creating many memories. 

 Morgan and I on our first day of classes 
Right now a group of us including Morgan, the girl I am traveling with after the program, are working on planning out our free weekend with where we want to go and obviously for the cheapest price we can find! Morgan and I are also trying to plan out our week of travel after our internships are over which is proving to be very stressful and hectic. Prayers while we try and get these plans rolling will be greatly appreciated. 



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