Beachy Paradise | Marseille, France

The past two relaxing days in Marseille have been great with my Mom. We have slept in, gone to the beach, explored this cute little town, and just really soaked up all that Southern France has to offer. To say that this stop was a great way to end our trip this summer would be very accurate. 

There have been some very memorable times during these past two days that I think I must share. First off is our beach experiences, to say that the women of Southern France are comfortable with their bodies is an understatement. Our first day on the beach we had just got our towels rolled out, I was mid suncreen application, and BAM! Boobs. And I don’t mean just one lady, I mean half of the beach is topless.The range was easily from 75 years old to newborns (which shouldn’t be at the beach anyways but that’s another point entirely). I told my mother that I think I had seen enough stranger’s topless to last me a life time! And then it was the same thing the next day.. I think I’ll stick to my bikini tanlines. 

After our afternoons on the beach we spent the evenings strolling down the fun and winding streets of Marseille. Much like the rest of Europe that I have seen this far, the streets go every which-a-way and can be very easy to get lost or turned around in, luckily we didn’t. But our evening walks showed us a very fun and pretty side of Old Marseille that we hadn’t seen yet, with the large port and old museums. 

 Marseille was certainly a great end to my trip with my mother, but only the beginning of my time here in France. Tomorrow I will be hopping on a train, saying good-bye to my Mom, and heading to Toulouse to get ready to start my first week of classes on Monday! This summer has already been so memorable and impactful; I can’t wait to see what Europe brings my way next. 



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