Au Revoir, Paris

My time in Paris has come to end. My mother and I have now traveled down to Marseille, France to spend a couple days relaxing at the beach, moseying around the town, and simply taking a break from the hustle and bustle. In reflecting I would love to share with you all my many observations and interesting little tid bits about Paris.

1. I have grown to not like Paris that much- 

Its true, I am not a fan of Paris. I loved my little time at the Eiffel Tower, Love Lock bridge, and the Monet gardens but other than that I just thought it was okay. I would come back and visit again, but not for more than a weekend passing through to visit other cities or countries in Europe.

2. It’s dirty-

Now I’m not just talking the ground, although that was also dirty. But there was constantly smoke being blown in my face and the number of prostitutes we saw walking down a “family” shopping area was crazy! Now don’t get me wrong it is a safe and cleanly city when it comes to the food and hotel we were in, but the other aspects of the city were a little sketchy.

3. The Metro-

We had a great experience on the tube in London traveling around to the different major sights and it was great. The metro in Paris also got us everywhere we needed to go, including Monet’s Gardnes and Versailles, which were both outside of the city. It was fast and a safe way to travel, but at night the stations were poorly lit and crawling with homeless people which were kinda scary. Now we were both safe the entire time,  but in general the travel systems in London seemed to be better..

4. The carbs-

From pizza to bagettes the French know how to do bread, and the fact that I’m this excited about bread  is saying something. It’s my sister, Bethany, is who normally obsesses over her carbs not me. As most know I am a very picky eater and thought before I left Indiana, that I would easily be able to slim up this summer while in Europe. Well if the bread keeps tasting like this I don’t think that is going to be the case. 

5. The French police-

The police are at all major sites, but other then that I hardly saw them just out and about patroling. And when we did see them, they were in these tiny little cars that just made me laugh when compared to the police vehicles we have in the states . Plus a fun little tid bit, the people often call the cops “poulet” (chicken), but warned us not to say this to their face for obvious reasons. 

My travels have been fun and I’m certainly learning  a lot about Europe and myself as a whole which has been really eye opening. I’m excited to start my time in Toulouse where I will be studying at a French University, taking in the culture of that small city like a great glass of wine; enjoying every last drop.



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