The City of LOVE

Paris is a timeless city with music bellowing out from street corner cafe’s, romance is always in the air, and it is a historical place for so many. The past few days in Paris have been interesting, and I’ve certianly learned a lot about traveling and the world we live in. One thing that is true and pure no matter the country your in; is a smile. That is most definitely evident here in Paris. I might not know much more then hello, thank-you, and good-bye in French, but by adding a simple little smile to your converation it can change the whole dynamic. The people smile back, interact with you more, and try to reach a common ground with you so much more so than they would if you just simplely stated in English that you needed to find the Eiffel Tower. 

I was warned coming to France that the Parisians and French are rude people and don’t like Americans, well from where I’m standing that is a misinterpretation completely. They just want to see you making an effort, just like we do in American when it comes to speaking English. 

I’m sure you’re wondering right now what a smile has to do with love, as stated in the title. Well folks it’s simple, your smile is an open door to a relationship. The first smile that I recieved when walking into the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority house freshman year at Purdue Univeristy opened me up to a whole new kind of relationship. One that is selfless, forgiving, passionate, and genuine. I knew after joining ZTA I would have these sisters for a lifetime, not just four years. So when I decided to Study Abroad this summer in France I knew there was one stop I had to make.. and no not the Eiffel Tower, the Love Lock Bridge. 

As many of you know from it’s popularity the Love Lock Bridge is a huge tradition for travelers, but it has caused some problem for the oldest bridge in Paris. A while back the bridge collapsed from the weight of all the padlocks put on the gates, so the government made it against the law to add more locks to the bridge once they got it back up. Well as you can see from the photo above that didn’t stop too many people, including myself. 
Many people say that young woman go away to Purdue University for their schooling to get their “Mrs.” degree. Now although I have joked about that being my degree (which is actually AG Sales and Marketing), I came looking for a fresh start. And that start began for me at Zeta Tau Alpha where I have meant some pretty amazing girls who have forever changed my life for the better. So tonight I locked that padlock and threw the keys into the Seine River in honor of the Alpha Theta chapter. 


To all my amazing sisters; remember that love, is the greatest of all things. 



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