More London Adventures

Friday and Saturday were two days full of fun travel times here in London. Just to recap a bit on Friday Mom and I started our morning off at Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guard ceremony, then we headed off too Kensington Palace to tour the home of Will and Kate. Both of these sight where amazing historical moments for London to tour through, but to be honest they weren’t my favorite. I told myself when I started this blog I was going to be completely honest and blunt with my posts and that is what I intend to do for you guys!

 After this we went to Saint Paul’s Cathedral, now let me tell you that was the most glorious Cathedral I have ever seen. The detail was breath taking, they told us “No Photos”” (like they do at many sights) but I didn’t listen so I took a few anyways for memories. There were a total of 526 steps from the ground floor up to the top of the second dome where you could go outside on the ledge and see the entire City of London. And I walked my butt all the way to the top of that Cathedral, and it was worth it! The view was great,, but getting to see the inside of the cathedral in detail of the side walls, steps, and railings as I walked up was really neat. It really took me back considering the cathedral was built in 1675! 

Next we took a boat cruise on River Thames from the Tower Pier to Westminster Pier getting to see London from another way. To say we have really experienced London is true to a “t”. We have walked through most of the major points of London at some point, took a hop on hop off double decker bus tour through London, and then saw it all again via river boat. Once we docked at Westminster Mom and I walked across the bridge to the London Eye for a ride! Then after sunset went on a walk through the City of Westminster to round out our thrid day.


Saturday was probabaly one of my favorte days in London. The Westminster Abbey was the first stop of the day for Mum (can I talk like a Brit yet?) and I. The history inside that church is enormous. From the different tombs of past monarches to the coronation chair where every single monarch (except one) has been crowned. My favorite part was getting to see the giant stone on the floor of the Abbey that belongs to Charles Darwin; as many of you know I am a bit of a science geek and loved learning about Charles Darwin’s experiments in high school biology so this was quite a treat for me! 

After the Abbey we trained out to Camden Market, probably the sketchiest place in London I have been thus far, yet a really cool little place. You just have to watch out for pick pocketers if you go, but I would highly suggest going to any market in London. The markets are a fun place to see a different side of the town that the city doesn’t have to offer. This fun little place is where I found my painting for the UK. 

The blog is about my travels, but also really about the artwork that I find while abroad. I was so excited when I found this little store in the market that was selling original, hand-painted canvases. The painting I choose is one of a view of the Saint Paul’s Cathedral; it was one of my favorite spots in London. For me Saint Paul’s represented the faith, tradition, monarchy, and history of the city and this painting encompassed all of that. 

After the market we made our way out to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. It was a dream of mine when I was little to go to the Olympics, it may have been three years late, but hey I was there! It was crazy to sit in the stands in the Aqautic Center looking around and think that this is where so many people’s dreams came true, and where many others’ were crushed. The place where Michael Phelps won his many gold metals for USA, and local hometown favorite Morgan Uceny competed on the track but fell short. It may be three years later, but the place was still awesome!  

Later in the evening we made a stop at Harrod’s, a store of elegence and beauty.. and lots and lots of pounds! Name brand, designer everything from wall to wall covering almost a block of store space. The place was quite a sight. And a great way to end my last night in London. Tomorrow morning Mom and I will be taking the Chunnel to Paris, France to continue our travels, prayers are always appreciated.



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