Two Days in the UK

Day One:

We have arrived! 

The adventure has begon for this summer and I am excited, exhausted, and loving every minute all at the same time. When Mom and I arrived to London we took the train to a station close to our hotel, stepped out from the underground and right before us was the famous Big Ben. Talk about a great sight for tired eyes. We got lost at first trying to find our hotel which is in the City of Westminster, but once we found that it was smooth sailing.
We did a bit of exploring on our first day and night in London seeing Big Ben, The London Eye, House of Parliment, Westminster Abbey, Piccadilly Circus, and ate at a resturant in Soho for dinner called Bills. It was a fun little mix of a sit down resturant and a bar which was certainly fun for both Mom and I. 

Day Two:

Our second day in the city called for some touristy events so we took our first ride on the double decker bus to explore many of London’s gorgeous sites. We had a great tour guide on the bus who told us many stories, myths, and his own personal opinions on certain attractions. It was great to see both the side of London heavily focused on the royal family, but also the modern City of London which was very industrialized. 

And when in London, a phone booth photo is a must!

Then after lunch we ventured out to the Tower of London. I learned so much about the royal family and London’s history as a whole. I even made a little pit stop at the Crown Jewelry Shop to get a fun little gift for the new soon to be crowned 2015 Miss Blueberry Queen, although I won’t be at the pageant this year to pass down my crown I want to still be able to give her something from me and what better tha a gift from London!? Speaking of which the Crown Jewels display was absolutely spectacular. If any of you ever make it to London you have to make a trip to the Tower of London and see the Crown Jewels. They were breath taking. We couldn’t take any photos of the Crown Jewels, but I certainly could crown it by the sign!

To round out the day Mom and I took the tube {which I becoming a pro at by the way} to Oxford Street for an early dinner and to walk through some of the shops! I haven’t seen any paintings yet, but I was told there was some lovely ones at a local market.  Definitely something I am going to have to check out. 

The people in London have been so sweet to us which honestly surprised me, I was told that Europeans hate Americans.. but maybe they were wrong. A couple other things surprised me as well. The British dress impeccably well yet their bathrooms are labeled “toilet” and at resturants you have to ask for the check. Rather forward when compared to the American life style, but it also saves time. We have yet to see a speed limit sign, and people drive where ever they want to. It is certainly different then what I’m used to back home.

I have only been abroad for two days and I am already learning so much and falling in love with the British culture. Who knows, I may never come back.. 



One comment

  1. Melissa Christiansen · May 21, 2015

    I’m loving all your pictures! Soak it all in!


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