Hello world!

The count down is officially ticking down! In 10 days I will be boarding my flight to live abroad for the next three months.


So here’s the break down for my trip this summer:

When I first hop the pond over to Europe, my mom will be traveling with me. We will be spending two weeks exploring London, Paris, and then either Marseille in Southern France or Switzerland. After this we will make our way to Toulouse, France where I will be living on campus at Purpan University while studying European Culture & Agricultural Economics, French Food, and Viticulture & Enology for four weeks. On weekends at the university we will be traveling around France, Spain, and Italy.

After the first part of my study abroad is over, I will be taking a marketing internship with a local winery in France for another four weeks. At this time I will be living with a host family in Southern France; living an authentic French lifestyle which will be a completely new experience for me. Both the study abroad and internship were set up through Purdue University’s Study Abroad program and the College of Agriculture.

For the final two weeks of my trip I will be traveling around different countries in Europe. The plan isn’t completely finalized, but the countries that I am looking at are Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Belgium.

The nerves are setting in, but the excitement far outweighs them. I can’t wait for this incredible journey to start and to be able to share my experiences.


One comment

  1. Karen Oneal · May 10, 2015

    What a great experience!! I will be thinking about you! Be safe!


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